Save up to 50% on Hardie materials with our factory direct pricing!
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  • About Canes Exteriors

    Save up to 50%

    on Hardie materials with our factory direct pricing!

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Our Promise to You

  • Be professional and polite at all times
  • Communicate openly about all aspects of your project
  • Return emails, texts and phone calls promptly
  • If we don’t know the answer to a question, we don’t make one up – we research and get back to you with the correct answer
  • Provide an easily understood and complete estimate in writing
  • Explain each step of the project clearly
  • Start and end the project on time (weather and labor conditions do dictate this at times)
  • Punctuality from the first day we meet you until the end of your project
  • Protect your home, yard and landscaping from debris
  • Be neat, respectful and courteous at your home
  • Work diligently without delay or interruption
  • Clean and secure the job site every day
  • Have a supervisor/foreman on the job site at all times
  • Fully explain and discuss any changes to your project

Canes Exterior Transformations was launched in 2021 as the residential division of Canes Construction.  Canes Construction has primarily been focused on multifamily and commercial construction but as the company grew and word spread of our obsession with quality and putting the customer first we started getting more requests for residential work.


Canes Exterior Transformations owners, Shawn Sinclair and Stephen Spallo were both James Hardie employees for over 16 years!  They've spent thousands of hours training the contractors in Kansas City on how to properly install James Hardie products and it shows in the quality of our work!


Shawn's brother, Chance, is also part-owner and he is our financial wizard!  He makes sure we are getting the best prices on materials to pass along to our customers. He also makes sure we pay our bills ASAP to get any available discounts and stays on top of the taxes! This is all-important because you want to make sure that the company you trust to work on your home will be in business for many years to stand behind their work!

Colby Gatlin is the Head of Production and in addition to his awesome mustache, he has over 20 years of experience managing projects of all shapes and sizes!  He personally oversees every project that Canes Exterior Transformations completes and makes sure it is done according to the manufacturer's specifications and the design is exactly what the client dreamed of!

Scott Ragan is our sales manager and our in-house design guru! The designs he can come up with for your deck or outdoor living space are amazing!  He uses architectural grade design software to show a 3D model of what your exterior transformation will look like!

Derek Youngman works with Colby on the production side of Canes Exteriors.  The only thing bigger than Derek's beard is his work ethic!  He is the first one at the office in the morning and the last one to leave at night!  He makes sure that all of the projects are getting started off on the right foot and makes sure every customer has a great experience from start to finish.  He is a huge asset to the company and you will enjoy working with him!

Tanner has been with Canes since the beginning and has known Shawn for over 10 years.  He manages our multifamily and commercial company, Canes Construction.  He uses a lot of building materials, and we use this to our customer's advantage to get the best pricing possible for Canes Exterior Transformations.

When you choose Canes Exterior Transformations you get the best of both worlds.  Extremely personalized service and competitive pricing due to our ability to buy the products we use on every project in bulk.  For your transformation you get a full team to help with the design of the project, we use architectural grade design software to show you what your completed project will look like, it’s your own personal HGTV show!  We also assign you a project supervisor to oversee that the quality is perfect and that no detail is missed.

Due to the size of both of our companies, we use A LOT of building materials. Our office in Olathe has plenty of storage for us to buy and store the materials we need on every job.  Like anything else, you get better pricing when you buy in bulk and we take advantage of that!

What Our Customers Say

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